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What empowers women?

by Fabcoast India on January 05, 2024
Empowerment is a wide topic and caanot be covered in few lines or paragraphs. Empowerment is not only about making decisions in personal anf professional life but also about choice of clothes which should be chosen by self and not made by others. 'pehno woh jo dusro ko acha laga', heard N number of times and every women obeys it at one point of time. But the question is ,does it make you feel empowered ,confident, happy, loving and communicative? my personal opinion is 'no'. Think about it. Other than what is going on in fashion world and media and if i am wearinf a right fashion today, i feel wonderful and confident when i wear how i am feeling today.Some day traditional and someday western. someday fushion and someday some out of the world choice but i wear in which i feel great. And that's what our designs reflect. At Fabcoast, we make soft, comfortable, trendy, connected with roots and a little twist of modernity designs. 


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